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The Company has imported 1 Kamag type 1400E elevating transporter fitted with 16 wheel bogies, 8 axles, comprising a total of 64 wheels and is capable of moving loads up to 523MT.

The transporter is fitted with an operator's cab at each end in addition to the operator's radio remote control panel which is weatherproof - protected with IP65.

The transporter's pendulum axle technology and hydraulic suspension with hose break protection provides a powerful lifting capability, high manoeuvrability and very accurate positioning even in difficult ground conditions.

The Company has also imported 2 heavy lift hydraulic translifters and 2 Kalmar terminal tractors – an effective system in transporting the completed panels and any heavy equipment within the shipyard.

The heavy lift hydraulic translifter has an evenly distributed weight load of 70 tonnes and measures up to 17.8 metres in length. The automatic wheel steering system turns each bogie-wheel to the optimal position according to the tractor's articulation angle. It is designed with a hydraulic system which consists of steering hydraulics and lift control valve fitted with an emergency lowering valve.

The 4-wheel drive Kalmar terminal tractor is designed with high tractive effort and good manoeuvrability. It is equipped with a lift boom which allows +/-10º lateral inclination of the 5th wheel. The inclination is adjusted by two double acting lift cylinders and can be controlled hydraulically from the cabin (active tilting). The lifting height is 1000mm and the standard lifting capacity is 32 tonnes load.

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